Welcome to the Website for the Los Angeles User Group!

The 4XLosAngeles User Group was established in January 2005 to provide quality educational and networking opportunities to active Traders within the Forex market. Our continuing goal is to share our knowledge and experience in trading the Forex market.

At our regular meetings are held once a month and our agenda has 3 parts.  

1.     We share our agenda for the night including future webinars, forex events and any other information we believe would help our members.

2.     Next, we have a speaker talk about their expertise in their field, either in the Forex or in their area of experience to help us become better traders

3.     Finally, we have a second speaker that shares their experience.

This format has proven to be popular and has allowed us to bring many different types of experts to speak to our members, including traders, government officials, brokers and other traders.

We also have started a live trading room using a system developed by our late Vice President Dick Schmidt. Dick used this method every day to successfully extract 30-50 pips - sometimes much more - a night from the market. Dick is no longer with us, having passed away in September of 2016, but his legacy still stands as a testament to his devotion to trading. Many of his videos are posted here on this website.

We're especially proud to have such a large archive of different events recorded for our members to view at their leisure. Our group continues to work to increase this archive to provide our members with information to help them become better traders. Our webmaster, Deb Donohoe, keeps our website up to date and posts many of our webinars on the same day they happen. Our moderator Paul Sandner attends every meeting both live and over the web to record these events for you. And Larry, your humble 4XLA president and communications officer, sends out all our emails to our many members to get them the information they need.  I cannot thank these individuals enough for their volunteer efforts in making this group so special.

Enjoy our website and happy trading to everyone!


Lawrence Velardi, President, 4X Los Angeles