We started off in January 2005 as a Forex Made Easy user group to help people who bought that software use it better.  Since then it has been a non-stop ride going in many different directions.  We are currently using MT4 to trade the currency market which you can get free from many different brokers.  The reason we are using MT4 (besides being free) is the variety of indicators, EA's and scripts it offers.  Knowing how each person has a different trading style and need, we have developed three different trading systems.  We currently use the 4 hour and Daily charts to trade long term with trades lasting from hours to days.  Our swing system based on the 1 Hour chart uses a variation of our Position trading template and those trades can last from minutes to days depending on the chart.  We also have what we call our active trading system for use on the 5 and 15 minute charts for those people who have time and patience to sit in from of the computer for a couple of hours at a time. Those trades can last from minutes to hours depending on the market. 

We all have busy life styles and with three different systems we are able to help people trade in a style that fits into their busy lives.